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Because your YouTube Channel Art is such a prominent space on your YouTube page there's a huge opportunity to boost your subscribers with the right image. Even placing a small amount of text on top of high quality images can catch the eye and attract fans to watch your video content. Keeping everything consistent from your colors to your fonts or even your face (if that's a big part of your brand) will also help your channel stand out.

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YouTube Channel Art
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Create channel art and unique thumbnails for each published video with RelayThat. It is the channel art that is first seen by your audience. It should effectively attract the attention and encourage people to watch your materials. RelayThat allows you to create eye-catching graphics in seconds. You don't have to be a specialist to design professional-looking banners. Take advantage of the ready-made designs, which you can edit according to your needs. Stand out from the crowed with your channel.

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Get full independence with RelayThat. You no longer have to use the graphic design services, you can create sets of banners yourself, edit them, or use our ready-made proposals.

Over 3 million 100% copyright free images and icons

Use one of the 3 million copyright free icons and images easily searchable right inside the app. Don’t worry about licensing, even if you intend to use them for commercial purposes.

Higher click-through rate on your video

Graphics designed by RelayThat effectively attract attention, which translates into an increase in the number of clicks on videos published on YouTube.

Take your brand to the next level

The credibility of your brand increases thanks to professionally curated channel art. It is proven that an interesting thumbnail of the video has an impact on a larger number of views.

Resize for every channel in one click

Get access to our Smart Layouts, instantly resize your design for every channel. Reduce the time you spend on creating banners by 80%.

Graphics just the way you need them

Use the right size graphics for each platform. Never again waste time looking for the right dimensions for your banner.

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Why RelayThat?

Thanks to the capabilities given to the creators by RelayThat, you can finally make your YouTube channel more attractive. Not only will you quickly supply your productions with engaging graphics, but in a few seconds you will create all the promotional materials you need for the rest of the platforms.

Users have the ability to use ready-made shapes, filters and other features allowing you to differentiate the content you create. What's more, you can use our headline generator. It will allow you to come up with an interesting headline in case you are stuck by a writer's block.

What is the most suitable YouTube channel graphic?

The graphics used should first of all be compatible with any type of device. The point is to avoid a situation in which some of its areas will be cut off when sending it to the site. The banner must be suitable for the subject matter of the film or consistent with the nature of the whole channel. It is worth designing in accordance with your own vision, and not to support yourself with other people's ideas. Remember that viewers appreciate the individualism of the creators and most willingly come back to those who offer a meeting with true originality. A good banner of YouTube channel is also one that contains hidden information about the author of the video. Thanks to this, if he or she sees your video graphics once again, they will immediately know by whom it was created.

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Create Your Banners in 6 Simple Steps


Choose one of the RelayThat templates dedicated to YouTube. Then you can be sure that the graphics will look attractive on every device. In the case of the displayed banner area it should be 1546x423 px, and its size must not exceed 6 MB.


Use a background that best reflects the character of your channel. The image should indicate the subject matter of the video materials. This is especially important for new viewers. If you're recording movies about Apple news - use futuristic graphics, if you're talking about healthy eating, use vegetable icons, for example.


Select one of the available fonts or upload your own. Remember that your choice should be one that supports diacritical characters.


Include the name of the channel in the designed graphics. It's a trick that makes users remember your work better. It's all because the name will appear every time a movie is shared on a social network, for example.


Add filter, frame and icons to the banner. Each of these elements affects the individual character of your YouTube channel.


Download the ready-made graphics and set it as a banner for your new movie. RelayThat application allows you to convert the image in high quality, among others, to files with JPG or PNG extension.

Create YouTube Channel Art With RelayThat

RelayThat is an excellent tool for people professionally involved in marketing, but also for youtubers, bloggers and instagrammers. Build a unique image of your own brand, create unique banners and stand out from other creators.