Custom Size Layouts

We are often asked "How do I create a custom size layout in RelayThat?"

This is often because a user wants to create a specific size for their website theme header or post size like the one shown here.

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible at this time due to the complexity of our resize and remix layout library.

If you need a specific size the best option is to let us know the size you are looking for two reasons.

  1. We are constantly adding new layout sizes based on the feedback from our users. If your size seems popular or has had a lot of requests from other users, we will likely add it for the benefit of everyone.
  2. We can potentially point you to a size that will work just as well. For example  few users have requested a 600x600 size for Facebook Carousel Ads. Since we already include the 1200x1200 size they were easily able to shrink the size in half to get a higher quality, perfectly sized result.

We ARE continuing to research this challenge and hope to provide many more size in the future. It's unlikely that we will ever be able to offer completely random size like 491x303 but we also don't find that many of our users need such specific sizes like this.

Our apologies if this cause any inconvenience at this time.

Still no luck? 🤷 Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible
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