Resizing & Moving Assets

One of the first things that might confuse new users is when they discover that they cannot move or resize logos or photos on the backdrop preview canvas.

Usually this is because they are used to doing this in other software OR they want to make their content bigger or smaller.

The main reason that we don't currently offer this option is this.

Once a user starts scaling and moving their elements around this almost always creates the need to tweak and adjust the other elements to fit properly. At that point RelayThat becomes a "design tool" and it breaks the ability to resize or remix those elements in a single click.

In this example it would literally take hours to recreate all these remixed versions of this complex layout. We know because we did it too.

RelayThat takes a completely different approach than other design software by offering predefined layouts that use the best possible option for EVERY single user on our platform regardless of the content that they are using.

Our solution is to provide REMIX options for every layout because if an acceptable option is close to what a user wants (or sometimes even better) then that is ALWAYS a better option than taking the time to design the end result.

Even with all this said, we are currently experimenting with a hybrid approach that would offer the best of both options, however we have not released this at this time.