Team Members

Adding Team Members to your main Owner account has the following benefits.

- Share Projects, Saved Collections, and content with any active RelayThat accounts
- Restrict view and access to Project names (ie. Client List)
- Restrict access (and changes) to account info and payment details

Team Structure:

Every Team consists of one "Owner" and at least one (or multiple) user "Editors."

- The Owner will always see all content and Projects.

- ALL Team Users will see ALL Projects assigned to each specific Team.

Creating and Editing Teams:

To enter the Teams page click on the Team Members icon in the upper right of the top menu bar

To create a new Team type the Team name in the input field, and click the "Create" button.

Team Sections:

All member names, emails, and permissions (Owner or Editor) is displayed here.

Enter the email of the User to be invited to the Team. They will need to accept the invitation in their email and/or on the Team page in their account.

Use the drop down to assign specific Project(s) to the current Team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the benefit of multiple Teams?

A: With only 1 Team all invites Users will see all Projects and content that the Owner assigns to the single Team. With multiple teams, an Owner can mix and match which Projects and content are seen by multiple users.

Q: What content does a user have access to in addition to Projects?

A: Users will see all content associated with any Project that is assigned to their Team but nothing more.

Q: Do invited Team Members have to subscribe or pay an additional cost to join an Owner created Team?

A: No. The subscription is attached to the Owner's account. After creating a Team, invite a new Editor with their email address.

Q: When I add a User to a Team is a permanent or can I I remove that user later and add a new User?

A: Adding users is never permanent. Owners can mix and match which Users belong to which Teams at any time.

Q: Do added Users adopt the same account limits as the Owner's account?

A: The account limits are set by the subscribed plan for each user and do not effect the Owner's account.

Q: Can I assign ALL Projects to a Team at once or do I need to add each Project one by one?

A: At this time Owners need to add Projects one at a time. We will be adding "bulk assignment" functionality in the near future but this method currently offers the most flexibility for the most users.

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