1. Top Ten Places to Go in 2016/December/For Your Honeymoon

This type of headline works for several reasons:

  • People like list articles; they are easy to share and refer back to.
  • Having a list means having choices, which can be narrowed further through research.
  • A timely list gives the reader a structure, which can provide the spark needed to take action – “Ooh, Machu Piccu is great to travel to in December – I’ll book my Christmas trip!”

The negative headline can also work in this case – “Ten Reasons Not To Go To __________”

2. Why I Gave It All Up To Go To __________

Who among us hasn’t wanted to “give it all up” and run away to some exotic place, living on island time for the rest of our lives?  Some people have done exactly that; their stories can make an interesting case study/how to.

3. 20 Life/Travel Lessons From “Big Name Star/TV Personality”

Famous people are usually considered an authority on any subject, even when that subject is outside of what they’re famous for.  An article describing a famous person’s top 20 life lessons learned while traveling, and/or top 20 travel tips/destinations could be a huge hit.

4. Tales From A Cruise Ship/Cruise Ship Disasters/Cruise Ship Tips

Your average person isn’t privy to the inside workings of an airline, cruise ship, passenger train, etc.  In fact, there was a hit series on A&E a decade or so ago, called ‘Airline”.  It followed the lives and daily work activities of several flight attendants working for Southwest Airlines.  An article featuring a similar format would offer fascinating insights.

5. These Apps Will Make Your Travel Faster/Better/Easier

According to the site Statista.com, worldwide mobile app downloads increased from 4 billion in 20210, to 180 billion in 2015.  Mobile is the future!  And the now.  Do not neglect this rapidly growing audience.

6. Best Hamburger/Pizza/Donuts in __________

Food, wonderful food!  What better way to entice someone to travel than to describe the best dishes a region has to offer?

7. What To Do When You’re In __________

The hotel is booked; the plane tickets purchased.  Now, what will you do when you arrive?  Having recently honeymooned in Alexandria, Virginia (someplace I’ve never been before), I would have appreciated such a guide.

8. Best Places to Live in The North/South/Caribbean

In the good old days of 2000, being relocated due to a job change meant a trip (or three) to the new location, hoping to find a guidebook or other such resource along the way.  Nowadays, an article describing what makes a city a great place to live can be accompanied by a video tour of the area.

9. World’s Best Airlines/Hotels/Restaurants

Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for extensive or extravagant travel.  No worries! An article with this title can describe the best of the best, allowing one to live vicariously.  Full color pictures are a must for an article of this type.

10. __________ Named Best Place To Live/Work/Travel/Eat

List articles certainly have their place (see item #1 on this list), but sometimes an in-depth feature on a single subject is required.  Readers certainly appreciate a detailed description of a particular area or region.

BONUS: Best Places For Solo/Disabled/Elderly/etc. Travelers

While travel is certainly available to be enjoyed by all, TRAVELING is often geared toward able bodied families or couples.  Since options for those traveling alone or who fall outside the parameters of the ‘normal” traveler are often not well known, the target readership for such an article can be quite large.

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