Are you on the hunt for free food photos for your next marketing campaign or social media images? The power of a great food picture can’t be underestimated. For example, have you ever been to a restaurant and felt the urge to take a photo of your food when it arrives?

I’ll admit that I’ve done it multiple times.

There’s something in me that wants to somehow preserve that moment just in case the meal is a amazing and I want to experience it in the future. I still think back on one of the best mixed drinks I had many years ago and regret not taking a photo of the menu to remember exactly what was in it. Could I make it too? It was THAT good!

If you feel this way too and you’re having a hard time finding perfect photo of cooking or a restaurant, check out these curated foodie photos taken by talented photographers.

1.) Foodies Feed

Summary: Discover mouthwatering images of great food taken by photographer Jakub Kapusnak who’s based in Prague, Chech Republic and has help styling the photos with his girlfriend Hana. Although all images are free to download, some might require a social share to unlock. There’s premium option to download over 900 images for only $9 if you want to save some time.

Copyright: Use however you want but don’t resell them.


2.) Free Food Photos

Summary: As the name suggests, this site serves up a banquet of great looking food photos. It was launched in 2013 when two food lovers saw a complete lack on food photography ‘good taste’ to be found on free stock photography sites.

Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


3.) FreeImages (Keyword Search)

Summary: The FreeImages site has an impressive library and just a simple search for food yielded over 6,000 free images at my fingertips. Most of them look more stylized versus authentic “in the moment” photos but the variety is amazing. In fact, one trick I like to do is to search for “food cutout” or “food on white” to find food with a clean background that I can change into pngs on sites like

Copyright: Public Domain (do whatever you like)


4.) Kaboompics

Summary: While Kaboompics has thousands of high resolution photos to browse and use in your next project I wanted to include them in this list because I think that their food section is particularly nice. There’s a great variety and the composition and colors of the photography is top nothc.

Copyright: Attribution is encouraged but not required.


5.) Pixabay (Keyword Search)

Summary: You’ll never have great food images if it isn’t prepared and cooked to perfection. Pixabay comes to the rescue with their eclectic mix of food and cooking photos. As with most larger free photo libraries, you’re sure to stumble onto a few unique choices. But I think that’s kind of the point. Choosing images that stand out in your feed might just be the thing you need to make an impression.

Copyright: Check the license. Some may require attribution.


Thanks for checking out our list of free food photos and we hope you’ll find these useful.

We’ll continue to grow this list so if you have any suggestions or would like to be considered drop us an email.

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