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We asked our customers how RelayThat improved their lives and here's what they said.

I use RelayThat for my IG. It's the biggest time saver you'll find for filling out your profiles. Seriously consider it!
Justin Nava
RelayThat takes away the headache when creating a design for multiple social platforms. Another benefit would be the multiple templates available to help your creative juices keep flowing. In the past, I used to run out of ideas when designing my social posts using Canva and now I have RelayThat. Just play around with it for a day and you'll see what I mean. I probably just scratched the surface and I'm sure there are more features to discover. It's a must have for agencies and freelancers. Easy to use, definitely a time-saving solution.
Daniel Cruz
You can create awesome graphics with zero design knowledge. AMAZING support. I had a problem, contacted the support on the chat and it was resolved after 2 minutes. The software will only get better.
Adrian Gajdzik
RelayThat is a must have for anyone who markets on social media or runs a website. This program will save you hours (I mean it) by preparing templates for your posts and ways of reusing these templates whenever you want to. Hands down, this product has already yielded a massive ROI for me...and I've been using it less than a year. I love that I can instantly create images for posting to my social media accounts. This program takes away the hassle of having to learn how to create eye-catching designs, with hundreds of templates that I can choose to use. I can save these templates and reuse them whenever I want. The best part though, is that if I'm running a campaign, I have a level of consistency that my clients come to trust, because every post is consistent! I love that I can pick from a huge bank of images, fonts and styles. Thank you, RelayThat!
Marco Martins
RelayThat is our go to tool for High-quality graphics. It is incredibly easy to create customized graphics for website and social media use. There are more templates than I've cared to count pre-sized for different social and website platforms and they are very high quality.
Bryan Entzminger
I love that I can create multiple graphics for social media promotion in a fraction of the time it takes me to create them from scratch! Being able to manipulate the text placement is also very helpful; this is a feature that was added after I started using RelayThat and it makes a huge difference in usability. I used to somtimes spend at least an hour making a set of graphics for social media promotion (I usually make five tall- and five wide-format graphics for each piece of content I promote). With RelayThat, that time is cut to less than half an hour. It's sped up my content marketing workflow a lot!
Jenn Zellers
You seriously want me to live inside RelayThat, do you? It's so comfortable to work with and it gets better week by week in terms of feature richness while maintaining the comfort of its use! I really love it! Big thanks to you and your team for your efforts! It's the one tool I love most from all design tools I got this year!
Christopher Fischbach
I used to spend extra time creating episode artwork in multiple sizes. RelayThat makes it incredibly easy to create unique artwork for different needs. The font picker, the album library, and more add to allow me to easily make good looking graphics in less than 3 minutes every week! This has been a gamechanger for me! An hour per episode saved, and I can easily modify the styling to change it up.
Jonathan David Bloom
RelayThat has been life changing to my business with its ability to instantly produce high-quality graphics for multiple platforms with a click of the button. RelayThat is a true industry gamechanger and marketing gem. It's like having a graphic design powerhouse in your pocket. Plus, RelayThat support team is extremely responsive and supportive of the RelayThat community and users. Things only go well with RelayThat.
Drew Thermos
RelayThat is a great product. What I love most about it is 1. The standardizing of a template across many banner sizes, giving you consistency in your branding. 2. The range and quantity of templates are brilliant. 3. The ease of creation makes this easy for anyone to create professional graphics - a time saver and must have in my business. 4. The RelayThat platform is regularly being updated with better features and they listen to their customers requests. 5. Support is excellent. I highly recommend it.
Peter Hons
I am 101 % incapable with respect to creating attractive images for social - let alone more difficult design jobs. Always had to ask our app designer to do it for me (or not creating at all). RelayThat turned me into a creative genius - OK, kind of 😜. Magnificent results that save me and our designer a lot of time ( = money).
Ronny van Dooren
Relay is a digital marketer's best friend, been using it for the past 9 months and all I can say that it's been a life saver, it helped me save maybe hundreds of hours of Photoshop time and focus more on crunching data, strategy, low hanging fruit and getting more sales/leads/affiliate commissions. Worth every penny!
Dan Brasoveanu
RelayThat is a tool that instantly freed us from having to create tons of digital creative pieces individually. Now we are able to launch social media and ad campaigns faster.
Mario Gonzalez
I'm a web and graphic designer and marketer. RelayThat is amazing for creating social graphics and more. I've used it for Facebook and Youtube covers, Youtube thumbnails and tons of FB and Instagram posts. It's amazing to be able to offer a ton of images quickly for my social media clients. They are amazed at how fast I can put together nice images while not breaking their bank. Social Media needs to be consistent, and RelayThat makes it sustainable to be able to spit out a bunch of images for social, FAST! I will choose RelayThat over Canva, Spark or Photoshop any day because of how fast and easy it is to use. I can make great money with a little add-on branded graphics package for my website clients with very little effort. I can do it quickly and affordably and charge a nice upgrade price. Lastly, I love how as an agency, I can save brand colors, fonts, photos & projects separately with each client. Yay, RelayThat!
Jaya Phillips
This is a great piece of software. Makes creating social media graphics, such as page banners, easy. Everything is already set up and there are multiple designs to choose from. Designs are also customizable via fonts/colors, which gives you a ton of options.
David Hooper
RelayThat cut my Social Media Graphic Design time by 90%! It's super easy to use. Upload your graphics, select your layout and scroll through the options. This is fantastic. Put together five different layouts in 10 minutes and they were all in keeping with the brand image.
Wayne Van Elsen
RelayThat is just brilliant, by adding a few images and words it will automatically generate tons of professionally looking designs for my social media campaigns which I can implement directly. I love it!!
Marc Maessen
Branded graphics that are able to be used on multiple social media platforms, created in minutes, instead of weeks. Digital marketers, web designers, graphic designers, and social media strategists are overwhelmed by the demand for branded graphics on every major social media platform. After uploading roughly 3 sizes per platform (Facebook cover photo, profile photos for example), you can't reuse that same photo on another platform very easily, because they all require different sizes! So unless you don't care that your graphics are stretched, smooshed or very blurry, then it becomes a serious issues of time. Relaythat solves the problem by making one graphic and remixing it to current standard sizes for each platform.
Honoree Tigrett
Hands down the best benefit this product gives is that it helps generate design variants real quick once basics are in place. For graphic design amateurs like me a few clicks can generate designs with different layouts (called Smart Layouts) in creative ways which would have taken even a regular designer a considerable amount of time. The tool also gives access to several stock images and icon sets that allow one to enhance their designs.
Nareej H.
Easy to use, intuitive. Many images and options to choose from. I'm still new to the software but I can say that, so far, is one of the best I tried. I'm really loving it!
Tania Martins
Nice software. Once you get comfortable with it , you can really begin to create some amazing content. RelayThat's SmartLayouts really make it easy for non-design savvy marketers to create catchy posts. The ability to create and set brand colors and font per project (organization) is really convenient and speeds up the process over time.
Craig Hardel
It is very easy for any beginner or non-graphic artist to use. I have shown this product to friends who wanted to create quick graphics for their business and they were able to use it on their own. The templates and uploads are pretty self explanatory and easy to change out text, images and layouts.
Jennifer G.
I use RelayThat religiously. The regular updates makes this a must have for anyone who makes use of graphics for their work. RelayThat is very user friendly and allows people such as myself, who are terrible with graphics, create pieces of art. It’s now one of the apps in my toolbox that I cannot live without. And the best thing is, the app keeps getting better and better.
Leonard Koh
Honestly, this software has made a true difference in my confidence to take new clients. Now I can create monthly images for their feeds that would usually take me the whole day in a fraction of the time.
Mark Van Iersel
Super useful tool to create different sizes of same ads for Facebook, Twitter and Google. Also great for keeping consistent with branding. Best investment and saves hours in Photoshop/Illustrator.
Rommel C. Caibal
I love using RelayThat for IG graphics with a professional look. I also have made some mini-infographics that have helped explain my business to possible clients. We use RelayThay at our agency to consistently make high quality creative for our client's social media and digital ad platforms. The platform is simple and powerful with an ever increasing feature set. The support from both RelayThat and the user community is top notch.
Darryl Dahl