Is there a freemium version or a free trial?
We have tried several kinds of freemium versions of the platform including discreet watermarks, limited time usage, and unlocked layouts and have found that when users actually purchase our app they spend a little more time getting immediate value out of it. With over 1000+ raving reviews from our growing community we're confident you will enjoy the platform and thus do not offer free trials anymore.

Can I change layouts to a custom size (ie. 389x1205)?
No. We include 50+ of the most popular sizes sizes but this feature is not available at this time. We hope to add it in the future.

Can I add more assets (Text, Icons, or Shapes) to a Smart Layout?
We currently do not offer this option because it would only work on a single design. Our goal is to add more assets to each layout "family" so that users can simply toggle the visibility instead of creating layouts from scratch.

How do I RESET a Workspace?
Instead of resetting Workspaces just create a new one instead by clicking the + sign icon.

Can I import or build my own layouts?
While it is not possible to import or export templates it is easy to save variations of the original Layout Presets as your own and then work from those. This removes the Auto Resize functionality because these single Saved Layouts are “trimmed” from the the rest. But, users can Recall Saved Designs those designs to make more if they want.

How can I UNDO something?
Some actions like typing text can be undone but since RelayThat is a non-linear editing platform executing sweeping changes others cannot. We will be releasing "History" in the near future that will allow users to step through their edit history with ease.

Can I add a clickable link to the button?
No. Many display ads include a button as a "visual call to action" but it's not possible to embed clickable link INSIDE an image of any kind. This is not a limitation of RelayThat but rather a limitation to images themselves. Users will need to add these links through the platform(s)  they are using their saved images on.

Can I use my finished designs for personal and commercial use?
Yes. We do NOT monitor or restrict the kinds of images our users create with RelayThat however we HIGHLY encourage everyone to only add content that you have the legal rights to use.

Does this support RTL (Right To Left) Text language.
These types of fonts are not native to the platform but can be uploaded. We do support right text justification too.

Does this work on my mobile devices?
RelayThat is optimized for the desktop experience with a Google Chrome browser. We do not currently have a mobile companion app available at this time.

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