Layout Browser

RelayThat allows users to explore thousands of Smart Layouts that are automatically generated from the brand assets that are uploaded to each workspace.

Changing workspaces switches the layouts in the entire library and there are 3 levels to the Layout Browser menu.

1. The top icon labeled "Layouts" in the left menu is the root level "home" of the entire Layout Library.
2. The small tabbed menu to the right includes categories Ads, Social, Print, Other, and Favorites.
3. The colorful icons underneath represent the "Layout Sizes" and are marked with the dimensions of all layouts found inside.

To navigate up one level from each Size click the wide category menu or the Up Icon.

These layout categories are sorted with the most popular sizes at the top.

Our team is also constantly adding and updating new layouts and sizes as the various social media platforms change.

This allows users to not only have access to pre-made designs every time a new set is added but the best part is that the library adapts to the work you've already done in the past. It saves a lot of time instead of needing to redesign each image from scratch over and over.

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