In RelayThat a "Workspace" is an ever-evolving collection of all the assets that make up a single brand.

This includes the colors, image, fonts and text messaging.

Every change to a workspace immediately updates every SmartLayout in the library.

This is much more productive than designing images one by one or updating client changes over and over.

To add a New Workspace click on the + icon here.

Click on the Workspace Preview (eyeball icon) here to view or update every brand asset on the right side in a single layout.

This is similar to a brand board, style guide, or a representation of a company's brand guidelines.

Click these 3 small dots to open a menu to Duplicate, Rename, or Delete the current Workspace.

The "default" Workspace is permanent and CAN'T be reset, renamed or deleted.

This is because it's the workspace where assets are loaded when the Recall feature is used for Saved Design.

Think of it as a "sandbox" where you can play around with various asset combinations.

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